Find a Vectra® Health Care Provider

Crescendo Bioscience has compiled a directory of healthcare providers who have ordered Vectra tests within the last six months. The directory was created to help you find a provider in your area that uses the Vectra test when treating rheumatoid arthritis patients.


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The directory is not a referral service and does not recommend or endorse any particular healthcare provider. Rather, the directory is only an intermediary that provides selected information about healthcare providers. We do not offer advice regarding the quality or suitability of any particular healthcare provider for specific treatments or health conditions, and no information on this site should be construed as health or medical advice. You should obtain any additional information necessary to make an informed decision prior to utilizing any specific healthcare provider. The data provided through this service may not reflect current changes to contact information or test availability for any provider. All providers displayed through this service are providers or practices who have ordered at least ten Vectra tests in the past six months.


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