Assess Disease Activity

Vectra® DA provides a comprehensive measure of RA disease activity

Vectra DA measures 12 biomarkers and combines them into a single score to assess the key mechanisms and pathways that drive RA disease activity.


An initial Vectra DA score provides an objective, quantitative starting point to track RA disease activity over time with subsequent testing. A single score classifies RA disease activity. Vectra DA scores range from 1 to 100 and categorize RA into low, moderate or high disease activity


The role of Vectra DA in treating a patient with RA to low disease activity

An initial Vectra DA score provides a quantitative starting point to evaluate disease activity and measure the effect of subsequent interventions.

Actual case study: 53-year-old male with a prior diagnosis of seropositive RA is referred to a new office*


* Based on information from an actual patient case submitted by a healthcare provider with actual Vectra DA scores; individual identifiers including actual dates of service have been modified to protect patient privacy.