LabCorp® Locator

Crescendo Bioscience has collaborated with LabCorp® to improve patient access to Vectra® DA

You now have access to more than 1,900 LabCorp patient service centers nationwide.

Has your doctor ordered Vectra DA for you?

If yes, please search for a location following the instructions below. Just remember to bring your lab form at the time of your visit.

If your doctor has not yet ordered Vectra DA for you, please discuss with your doctor or call Crescendo Bioscience Customer Service. A doctor’s order is required for the Vectra DA sample to be drawn at the lab.

Search for the LabCorp Location

  1. Visit the LabCorp “Find a Lab” page here
  2. Enter your zip code (or your address, city, and state)
  3. Select the bubble that reads “Routine clinical lab collections”
  4. Click the “search” button at the bottom
  5. Walk-ins are welcome; however scheduling an appointment is recommended
  6. Be sure to review hours of operation at the site you’ve chosen
  7. LabCorp contracts with payers do not apply as Crescendo Bioscience will perform the test and bill for Vectra DA


No fasting is required for the Vectra DA test.

If you have any questions please contact Crescendo Bioscience Customer Service here

LabCorp is a registered trademark of Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings.