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At Long Last, a Patient’s Guide to Rheumatoid Arthritis

February 16, 2017

These days in health care, the real buzz is about putting the patient at the center. It’s a fabulous shift in perspective, one that’s long overdue. That’s why I am very pleased to share with you the latest endeavor of one of our patient advocacy partners. CreakyJoints, the online patient community that is part of the Global Healthy Living Foundation, recently unveiled the first-ever patient guidelines for living with rheumatoid arthritis.

Developed by patients and reviewed by leading experts, including rheumatologists and other healthcare providers, the guide equips RA patients with information to advocate for themselves. The guide includes explanations of symptoms, treatment plans, and options, tips on diet and exercise and guidance for negotiating with an insurance company or telling family and friends about your RA. The guide will be updated regularly and is the first of a series of patient-friendly guides planned by CreakyJoints.

The response we’ve been hearing has been overwhelmingly positive. Kelli Carlson, a member of the national Patient Council that helped develop the patient guidelines, said in a press statement, “I wish I had something like the patient guidelines when I was first diagnosed. It will be immensely helpful in not only understanding a new diagnosis but helping explain that diagnosis to loved ones. It will also help us better understand our treatment and management options so that we feel ready and able to make decisions about our health with our doctor.”

Commenters on social media voiced enthusiasm for encouraging patients to be active and better advocate for themselves.

a journey living with chronic RA pain
Molly Schreiber
patient guidelines for living with rheumatoid arthritis

I’d recommend this to any RA patient – whether you’ve been newly diagnosed or have been living with RA for a while now. Download “Raising the Voice of the Patients: A Patient’s Guide To Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis” by clicking on this link and let us know what you think in the comments below. Kudos CreakyJoints!