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Why did my doctor order the Vectra test for me?

RA is an autoimmune disease that can affect people differently. People with RA often experience varying degrees of pain, inflammation, and rates of joint damage, and Vectra can help measure the level of activity of the disease. Sometimes, your RA may be active even though you are feeling well and no signs of problems are readily apparent. To detect what’s going on underneath the surface, Vectra measures proteins involved in the processes that cause RA in your body, so you and your doctor get a more detailed, comprehensive picture of your disease activity.

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How often should I get the Vectra test?

How often you get Vectra depends on your unique situation.You and your doctor should decide this together.

An initial Vectra score can be taken at any point following your diagnosis with RA. This initial test serves as your “baseline” score. Future scores can then be compared to determine any change in your RA disease activity. Many doctors and patients assess disease activity with Vectra to obtain a baseline before making a change in treatment. Then a few months afterwards they can use Vectra again to help measure the impact that changing treatment had on your disease activity.

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How is Vectra different from other blood tests used to monitor RA such as CRP or ESR?

Lab tests such as C-reactive protein (CRP) and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR or “sed rate”) only measure one marker of inflammation. Vectra gives you and your doctor a more complete look at your RA disease activity by measuring 12 markers of RA disease activity. Vectra was studied in patients with RA, so it is designed specifically for RA.

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How much blood is required for a Vectra test?

When your doctor orders Vectra, a single test tube of blood will be collected in a laboratory either on-site at your doctor’s office or at a local lab. The blood sample will then be shipped to Crescendo for specialized processing in our lab.

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What does it mean when my Vectra score doesn’t match my symptoms?

RA is a systemic disease and can be active even when you aren’t experiencing joint pain or swelling.

Alternatively, symptoms of RA can be similar to other conditions and you may be experiencing symptoms that are caused by a condition other than RA.

Certain medications, infections, or surgical procedures could also affect the biomarkers contained in Vectra. If you have an infection, such as the flu, or have had a recent vaccination, please let your doctor know before having blood drawn for your Vectra score.

Your doctor will evaluate your Vectra score and medical history along with his/her overall clinical assessment to determine what is right for you.

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How much will Vectra cost me?

Our goal is to ensure that cost is not a barrier for anyone with RA who wants a Vectra test. The amount for which you are responsible will vary depending on your health care plan and your ability to pay. Crescendo Bioscience offers comprehensive reimbursement services through its Crescendo Access and Reimbursement Essentials (CARE) program.

We will provide testing at no cost for RA patients who: (1) are US citizens or legal residents, (2) have a diagnosis of RA, (3) are uninsured or don’t have insurance that covers the test, and (4) meet household income requirements.

You can be prequalified over the phone by calling our CARE program reimbursement specialists at 1-877-RHEUMDX (1-877-743-8639) or you can download an application here.

We encourage you to call our experienced reimbursement specialists who are available from 7 AM to 4 PM PST, Monday through Friday. Simply call 1-877-RHEUMDX (1-877-743-8639).

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Can Vectra confirm my RA diagnosis?

Vectra is not meant to diagnose RA. Vectra is for people who have already been diagnosed with RA. Vectra assists your doctor’s judgment to help you manage your RA. It can provide a look at your disease at a single point in time and can also be used to track your disease activity over time, so you can assess your RA management plan.

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Who can benefit from Vectra?

Vectra can be used to assess RA disease activity in any adult who has been diagnosed with RA. The test is not intended to diagnose RA.

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How do I get the results of my Vectra test?

Your doctor will receive the Vectra test report approximately 5-7 calendar days after shipping your blood sample to Crescendo Bioscience. You can contact your doctor regarding your test report and discuss the results in the context of your other clinical assessments, or you can contact our customer service team at 1-877-743-8639 to obtain a copy of your test report.

The Vectra test does not replace your doctor’s evaluation and is meant to be used along with your other clinical assessments.

To learn more about the Vectra test results, click here.

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