Talking To Your Doctor

How can Vectra® help you and your doctor manage your RA?

The more you and your doctor know about your rheumatoid arthritis, the better you can manage it.

  • Your Vectra score(s) can help you and your doctor communicate about your RA disease activity by providing an objective assessment that complements your doctor’s exam and your own assessment.
  • Vectra does not replace evaluation of your signs and symptoms, but adds to the picture and gives you a quantitative measure of your RA disease activity. It has not been studied for use in predicting which specific therapy or class of therapy will work for you.
  • Vectra may also help identify your risk of future joint damage.


Testimonial:Stephanie, RA Patient Advocate

“You’re in charge of your body and you are going through this journey. You and your doctor are partners throughout this journey.”

What makes Vectra different from other assessments?

  • In the past, your doctor may have used tests such as CRP or ESR to assess your rheumatoid arthritis disease activity. These measures only look at a single marker of inflammation
  • Vectra is different. It measures 12 biomarkers associated with rheumatoid arthritis disease activity
  • Patients with high Vectra scores have been shown to be at a higher risk for joint damage than patients with low or moderate Vectra scores
  • Vectra scores have identified rheumatoid arthritis patients with a high risk of future joint damage better than CRP or ESR
  • Knowing your risk for joint damage can help you and your doctor assess the treatment plan that’s right for you


Talk to your doctor about Vectra

Like most other lab tests, Vectra must be ordered by your doctor.

Review the steps below to help prepare for a discussion with your doctor.

  • Talk with your doctor about how objectively measuring RA disease activity with Vectra can help in the management of your rheumatoid arthritis
  • If you would like more information about Vectra or are concerned about paying for the Vectra test, please call 1-877-RHEUMDX (1-877-743-8639) to find out what financial assistance is available to you
  • Your insurance company cannot tell you how much you will owe for the test, because they do not know whether you qualify for financial assistance
  • Work with your doctor to schedule your Vectra test
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor to discuss your Vectra score and determine a course of managed treatment for your rheumatoid arthritis
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