Understanding Results

How does Vectra® DA measure my rheumatoid arthritis disease activity?

Vectra DA detects what’s going on below the surface by assessing multiple biological pathways that drive RA disease.

Vectra DA provides information about RA that goes beyond physical symptoms

  • Vectra DA measures the levels of 12 markers in your blood, called “biomarkers,” that have been linked to RA inflammation
  • The 12 biomarkers are combined into a single score between 1 and 100 that indicates your current level of RA disease activity
  • The single score generated by Vectra DA classifies rheumatoid arthritis into low, moderate, and high disease activity – the lower the score, the better




How is my Vectra DA score reported?

  • Your doctor receives a test report with a number between 1 and 100 that represents your Vectra DA score
  • Vectra DA can be used to measure the level of rheumatoid arthritis disease activity at a specific point in time
  • Tracking your Vectra DA test results and scores over time can complement you and your doctor’s assessments of how your RA is responding to treatment

Download a test report here


How do I get the results of my Vectra DA test?

Your doctor will receive the Vectra DA test report approximately 5-7 calendar days after shipping your blood sample to Crescendo Bioscience. You can contact your doctor regarding your rheumatoid arthritis test report and discuss the results in the context of your other clinical assessments, or you can contact our customer service team at 1-877-743-8639 to obtain a copy of your test report.

The Vectra DA test does not replace your doctor’s evaluation and the results are meant to be used along with your other clinical assessments.


How else can I track my RA?

MyRA® is a FREE mobile app that you can use to track the symptoms of your RA between visits with your doctor. You can easily share the information with your doctor.

With MyRA, you can:

  • Track your joint pain, morning stiffness, and fatigue
  • Record your daily functioning
  • Generate a visual summary of your data over time
  • Communicate with your doctor about your RA


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