Working With Your Doctor

Effective communication with your doctor is a crucial part of managing your rheumatoid arthritis.

Tips for preparing for your doctor’s visit

  • Dedicate time prior to your doctor’s visit to prepare for the visit
  • Develop a list of questions beforehand to ask you doctor
  • Maintain a list of all your medications and other relevant health info
  • Keep track of how you have been doing since the last visit (MyRA can help with this)
  • Get your lab work done prior to the doctor’s visit so that you and your doctor can discuss it at the time of the visit


Testimonial:Stephanie, RA Patient Advocate

“You’re in charge of your body and you are going through this journey. You and your doctor are partners throughout this journey.”

Tips for communicating with your doctor

  • View your doctor as a partner in the management of your disease
  • Be open about your concerns
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Ask your doctor to repeat or clarify if you don’t understand what you have been told
  • Take notes


Listen to rheumatologist Dr. Nehad Soloman discuss The Importance of Effective Patient-Doctor Communication